Our Story



Hi, I’m Lisa Yvette, creator and founder of Creative Allure since 2003.

Creative Allure began as a seed of inspiration that developed from my passion for art, drawing, and personal expression - and it all began with “That Red Dress”.

When I launched my first collection of bookmarks featuring young ladies wearing a variety of fashionable red dresses, they were designed to be over-sized bookmarks for avid readers, and my bookmark collections remain a customer favorite to this day. But I wanted my business to be much more, so I began pouring my heart and soul into learning about pattern design, illustrating, and creating items that speak personally to each and every client.

As I began learning more about pattern design through intensive classes and workshops, my passion for this medium of art continued to grow. I eventually expanded my creative offerings to include greeting cards, note cards, custom-made handbags, screen-printed clothing items, and many more unique and distinctive items. My image collections now include over 30 different collections with up to five designs in each collection – with many more to come.

Although I pour my creative passion into every design and have pride in everything that I put my name on, my most popular collection is my Sisterhood Collection. This collection holds special meaning in my heart and in the hearts of my African-American sisters across the globe. As strong and capable women, we need to lift each other up, support each other, and encourage each other, and this collection is a unique reminder of the harmony and balance we can bring to each other’s lives through the power of artistic expression.

Throughout my career, I have consciously made the choice to create figures with blank faces, and this is for a very specific purpose. It allows observers of my art to envision themselves in my patterns and drawings, or their mothers, sisters, daughters, or friends. It is any of us - and all of us - at the same time. I use my art to unite, to bring cultures together, to connect us, to celebrate our differences, and bring joy and happiness to my customers across the country.

I love clean lines, vivid colors, and fun, playful patterns that make my customers feel warm, happy, and joyful. I am always happy to create customized patterns and artwork for individual clients and groups upon request, and I have worked on custom projects of every size and complexity. I’ve created custom artwork for book clubs featuring my Sisterhood image, and I’ve been honored to provide one of my female images for use in a breast cancer support group. If you or your organization is interested in custom artwork, please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss the details with you.

Today, my company is based in Oakland, CA, where I create and produce my artwork in my home studio. I am blessed to love what I do, and my goal is that each of my clients feels my passion for artistic expression with every product and design from Creative Allure.