Adams Family Reunion Keepsakes Puzzle (1014-piece)

  • $34.75

Piece together cherished moments with the Adams Family Reunion 2024 Puzzle. This custom-designed jigsaw puzzle is not just a delightful challenge but also a meaningful way to reflect on the bonds that tie your family together. With each piece, you'll bring to life the vibrant illustration of your memorable gathering, crafting a picture filled with love, laughter, and shared history under a golden sun.

The puzzle features:

  • A beautifully detailed, full-color illustration of the Adams family's joyous reunion.
  • Premium quality construction for a satisfying snap and fit.
  • A 1014-piece design that offers a rewarding experience for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.
  • A matte finish that reduces glare for a better puzzling experience.
  • Completed dimensions that make for an impressive display, perfect for framing and adding to your family's collection of keepsakes.

Gather the family and relive the reunion joy as you sort, strategize, and assemble this exquisite piece of Adams family heritage..: Material: 100% chipboard

* 1014 pieces
* Horizontal orientation
* Glossy laminated finish